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Wedding Packages for 2019 Season

Pearl Package

  • (excluding travelling)
  • Coverage from 11am
  • Till 6pm
  • USB Box
  • Complimentary Prints
  • 200-500 Images
  • Five 12”x 8” Prints
  • (Additional Hours €100 per hour)

Diamond Package

  • (excluding travelling)
  • Full Day Coverage Preperations till 10.30pm
  • USB Box + 50 Prints
  • 600-900 Images
  • Ten 12”x 8” Prints
  • A4 Framed Picture
  • 20x16 Canvas

Platinum Package

  • (excluding travelling)
  • Engagement Photo Session
  • Full Day Coverage
  • Preperations till 10.30pm
  • USB Box + 100 Prints
  • 600-900 Images
  • 12”x12” Wedding Book
  • Twenty 12”x 8” Prints
  • Ten 7”x 5” Print
  • Two A4 Framed Pictures
  • 20x16 Canvas


  • Once you receive your wedding images you can source an alternative supplier for printing purposes or I can help!
  • Albums range from €350 - €800 depending on amount of pages and how many images you want. Prints & canvases are also available.

Tips on Hiring your Wedding Photographer


Looking for the best wedding photographer on your big day is very crucial. Well, this is because it is a one day celebration of love, respect and romance wherein you cannot turn back time the precious moments perfect in capturing. If you want every moment captured in photos the entire wedding ceremony and reception, have a wedding photography expert.

Before hiring a professional photographer, make sure you to consult family and friends. Consider to look for a prospective wedding hires at any location you are. Here are among the helpful tips in landing a wedding photographer who will orchestrate moments during your wedding day.

  • Consider hearing recommendations

Ask family and friends for the known wedding photographer limerick bound, in order to narrow down your choices. Begin with hearing numerous recommendations that have experienced their services. Further, you can also search online and read client reviews and blog reviews with regard to their wedding photography services.

  • Gauge professionalism

When you already have possible wedding photographers to cover your romantic day, interview the photographer to guarantee that you will have high quality wedding photos. Ask about their previous working experience and give them a glimpse of your wedding venue and theme so they can prepare for it. You can also review prospective wedding photography services by reading their websites and forums to a hand of their potential and idea of their shooting style. Further, checking their social media accounts can also help you find out their professionalism by reading comments from clients.

  • Discuss Photography equipment and details

You may not be a photography guru, but you should know their camera and equipment to be used during the day. Are they using both digital and film cameras with videography? Discuss to your wedding photographer the kind of effect you want the images to be produced.

Moreover, have the time to discuss the schedule of the shooting, the locations for pre-nuptial sessions and on the day wedding photography styles that you want. Open up your ideas and suggestions so it’s easier for the photographer to combine them with their concept. Ideas and suggestions are very much needed to produce precious memories captured on photographs.

  • Settle on the style and concept

Before choosing the perfect photographer for your wedding day, you have to decide what type of images and photography style you want to be captured. This is important in determining who the perfect fit for your shoot is. Most wedding photography services offer a wide array of styles and concept for you to choose with their wedding album collection and portfolio. Many of the best photographers can mix up two or more styles of wedding images such as portraiture and documentary styles. Others will incorporate black and white and colorful photographs. However, if you have a style of images that you wish to be used, don’t hesitate to open it up to your chosen photographer.

  • Determine the costs

Make sure you have learned all the costs in hiring you wedding photography limerick base expert before actually assigning the work. Read the payment terms and discuss payment terms. Ensure that both of you have met in between transactions and have detailed cost estimates for the entire day.

Wedding photography is a very vital part in having a successful wedding day event. Soon to be married couples in Ireland usually opt to outsource this service to a professional wedding photographer limerick style, so they can easily transact and discuss any ideas, changes and alteration before the day comes. However, choosing the best photographer in your location needs to be a good temperament one to meet all couple’s requests.